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Beau Renfro: Home

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  Hi everybody, will I have got my feet on the ground in Arkansas, but still learning all the ropes. Miss some nice people in Tucson. My office is loaded with work right now, but we are working though it as I write this.

  A lot of people are asking about my new band, will as soon as I know I will let you know. Right now I'm just trying to learn my job and book some good acts. I have not talked to anyone about a new band. How every a few players have ask me, but nothing yet on that front. It would be hard to replace the Clear Country Band.

 Went into a music store yesterday and meet the Guitar player for Hy way 101 out of Nashville, I might be talking to him later.

 Anyway, talk to you folks later, have a great day.


Beau Renfro: Ride With Royalty



Beau Renfro: If I



Beau Renfro: God


  Beau Renfro is a Entertainer, Song Writer, Singer, Music man or just an all around good ole' boy ,who had just as soon be fishing or hunting as anything else. Beau's music career started like a lot of Country Singers, in a church in Northeast Arkansas. That is where he learned how to sing by listening to his Mother and Sisters sing those good old Gospel songs. All of his eleven Sisters had a big part in the way Beau entertains today. His Sister Jean paid for his first guitar and sisters  Lou, Joyce, Naomi and Helen made sure he paid attention as they worked out the songs for Sunday service. Beau was always around the radio when the music was on and listening to the great sounds out of Nashville. From Little Jimmy Dickens to Ernest Tubb and later hearing Faron Young and Marty Robbins.

 After moving to East Texas at a early age, Beau formed a Country Band called Beau & the Bandits. While working at a Radio Station (Kroz) as the morning DJ, he played his music at night in some of Texas' most famous night clubs. From the Sawmill Club to the Oil Palace and from The Rio to The Tropicana. Working each night with his five piece band. Hired also to back many of the Country Stars out of Nashville, T.G. Shepard, Moe Bandy, Jerry Reed, Charlie Rich, Faron Young and Joe Stampley. On one of those nights he had a chance meeting with David Houston when David and his manager Tillman Franks ask Beau to join David's Band and work the road. This gave way to Beau opening all the shows for Houston and playing the Famed Grand Ole' Opry. David gave Beau a slot in the show to sing one of his songs. After the show Tillman took him to meet Billy Deaton and upon word from Tillman, Billy signed Beau to a contract and in 1976 his first album produced by Billy Deaton hit the radio stations worldwide. There's No More Gold, Beau's first release was the pic-hit-of the week for Billboard Magazine, and went to #85 on the Country Charts.

 Beau took on a new job, working for Cedarwood Pub. Co. in Nashville. Pushing songs by some of Nashville's best writers. At a meeting with Jim Denny and A&R Man John Westley he pitched the song Red Wine to Epic Records. The song went to #5 for Joe Stampley After his first Album Beau fall off the charts so he went back to Texas to work again in those nightclubs that once brought him attention. Texas music was home to Beau, but the road was taking him away from his family. So Beau called up another old friend. Bill Endsley. After many phone calls and a meeting or two Beau was hired to M.C. the famed Ozark Jubilee in Banson,MO. The show played about 200 dates a year But he still had no time for wife Brenda and Kids. So he was pulled once again from the music he loved and a family he loved more.

 Beau and his Family moved to Tucson Arizona in favor of hanging up his Cowboy Hat and getting a real job. After a few years of working in the car business Beau meet Jerry McCreary who loved his music and began pushing Beau to write more songs and play music again in the Clubs and Casino's. Beau Renfro and his Clear Country Band was formed in Tucson with Rick Skinner, Harry Bolin and newest member Mickey Gee .

 Now as the sun goes down on this old Cowboy I would like to say "Thank you all so much for playing my songs and booking me in your Clubs and coming to see me and the band and for just being my friend. If you get lonesome and want to hear a Beau Renfro song just click on one of the CD Baby buttons and download one of our songs. And If I get lonesome I'll pull out a few pictures of all my friends. Thanks again and God Bless and Good Night.